Utica Bike & Pedestrian Group


Sponsored by:  Utica Bike Rescue  &   Mohawk Valley T’ai Chi

We are putting out the word for potential members of the bicycling and pedestrian kind. “Many hands make light work. ”

We have a desire to promote more fun activities and public awareness on alternative transportation and safe passage for bikes and people.  A voice worthy of listening to. A voice of the future.

Many of us are bike commuters, riding most of the year all about town. Some just ride for fun now and then. We all want to do so safely and with increased awareness that Utica and the Mohawk valley offer excellent bicycle and pedestrian choices.

We will set up a public meeting for input of common needs and how to move towards mutual goals, such as bike racks on buses and improvements for all concerned. Members will have access to use the shop to fix and learn all about bikes. There will be biking T’ai Chi’ events! Such as learning to use mindful focus in your exercise practices to gain more stamina and power. To be announced…

We are inviting walkers to form a sister group in common with us. Plan walks, short hikes and things of interest to see and do. Safety and access issues may be a goal.

Please leave contact info, email, phone number and if you are a cyclist or hiker at 225-681-3502

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