How to approach “Standing Meditation Method”

Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan Standing Meditation Method

Shaolin “Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan”, which means “Internal essence no intent Zen” and emitting your inner chi energy through one’s ten fingers is an advanced Qigong from the Buddhist tradition. Chan means Zen in Chinese and refers to the “No Thinking” style of this standing meditation practice known as Zhuang Zhuang (Jan Jong). The exercise methods are simple and produce truly marvelous effects. Due to the Chan (Zen) nature of the method, it is not required to concentrate your attention while practicing.

You can even watch TV while performing this system of Qigong. Through this training, all of the body’s energy channels will be automatically cleared and opened from the Zhuang Zhuang exercises. This will allow you to accumulate outer chi or universal life force and also emit your own chi.

These exercises will dramatically improve your health which can cause the effect of having diseases spontaneously enter remission. By continued practice and skill, you will be able to emit your Chi into others to examine and aid in their healing of illness or diseases. Reaching a Master’s level will fully awaken the Greater Kan & Li (Fire & Water) also known as Kundalini energy allowing you to explore your dormant primordial energy with all of its various paranormal or mystical capabilities. This energy is also known as “Spirit”, “The Advocate”. “The Key to Knowledge”, “The Holy Spirit”, “The Dragon or Serpent”, “The Mustard Seed”, “The Breath of God”, “Lightning or Lightning Bolt”, etc. in various religions and traditions.

Awakening this dormant energy is doorway to enlightenment and finding God, the divine or universe within you. Shaolin Nei Jing Yi Zhi Chan originated from the Shaolin Monastery under the strong influence of Chinese martial arts “Wu Shu” and internal body exercises “Shaolin Nei Gong.” While most Buddhist meditations methods have their emphasis on “mind cultivation” this particular method

focuses on the body cultivation instead as a result of the martial arts influence. In many respects, it is really a hybrid combination that most likely was the result of the arrival of the sage Bodhidharma at the monastery.

Shaolin One Finger Qigong’s intention is to build your body’s chi on 10 levels. Unlike most styles of Qigong, this style requires the student to NOT think about or guide chi but rather to generate chi and allow it to flow naturally. The emphasis is that chi is smart in itself and understands the natural flow in the channels. In Chinese Medicine disease or pain derives from chi deficiency and stuck or blocked chi in the body. So as the student fills up with chi, the chi flows it’s natural pattern and timing. In today’s fast paced lifestyles we use our minds way too much. This training is an opportunity to move away from that cycle. The basic motto of this Qigong is “RELAX, KEEP DOWN, AND NO THINKING.”

The standing practice is based on the postures of Arhats, which are somewhat like saints or perfected men. There are 500 postures based on this method but only a few are needed to achieve desired results. Many people falsely believe that no-mind or intent means complete mental silence, which

can and does occur at times, but the real objective is to simply stay in the present moment not allowing your mind to drift off into memories of the past or projections into the future. Keep your awareness in the Here and Now and the rest will automatically take care of itself. You can watch TV;listen to music and even talk with others while practicing so it is not like a deep state of meditation. It also means that you are not allowed to intentionally guide the chi through the body’s channels. When you feel the

chi, just let it do what it is going to do naturally.

Begin this practice by acquiring the ability to hold the main posture for 20-minutes or more. Begin with maybe a stand of 5-minutes and then add a one minute each day until you reach a 20-minute practice. It is best to practice Zhang Zhuang 1 to 2 hours after eating. Also, when you finish, drink a glass of warm water (room temp.).