Notes: Sat. Nov. 18, Class Is Standing Meditation & Tai Chi the same?

To practise Standing Qigong is to practise what you should aim to feel in every moving tai chi posture. What you’re intending to achieve with standing qigong isn’t exclusive to qigong, it’s part and parcel of tai chi. The problem with tai chi, of course, is that you’re moving, which makes it very difficult to […] … Continue reading Notes: Sat. Nov. 18, Class Is Standing Meditation & Tai Chi the same?

Notes: July 29th class

“Gathering medicine means focusing consciousness within. Quiet the mind, calm the emotions, cycle from movement to stillness, to complete the elixir.” --Li Dao Qun, The book of Balance and Harmon (Thirteenth Century) Notes: Breath: Full relaxed breath. Feel tummy move in and out. Then, fill from bottom, to lungs, to throat. Xi Xi Hu (she-she-whooooo) is the name of this second one. So that’s two for us to practice. There are six more yet to be. Affirmation: Gathering Qi, I access and purposefully draw upon the forces of nature for healing and empowerment. Standing Post Meditation Start somewhere ! I recommend morning and evening, at the two gates to this world. Our arrival each day (we might want to write “Thank You” on the mirror so you remember to start your day with five minutes of appreciation and relaxed breath. This one act WILL absolutely change your life for the better.) Creating a space NOW, no matter how small, is the seed of your medicine in all your “tomorrows”.