Taoist Anmo Qigong Energy Work


Cat Massage

By Appt.  315~542~6261

Dae Anderson B.S., LMT,
T’ai Chi / Qigong & Taoist Meditation Instructor

Lic. Taoist Massage Therapist (Acupressure, Cupping, Moxa, Auricular Seed treatments, Acupuncture w/ Laser, Addictions, Weight loss, Smoking cessation.)

Acupressure- What I offer in body work and Shen. All offerings are $1 min. w/ sliding scale.

Licensed Acupressure Massage Therapist · 1987 to present

Chinese Therapeutic Massage is one of the main branches of Classical Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Therapeutic Massage is different from other forms of massage in as much as it is a Psycho-Physical Therapy which treats the usual range of musculo-skeletal problems plus ‘internal’ ailments, and unbalanced emotional conditions.

Tuina (“push-pull”) Anmo (“massage”)

Tuina Anmo is the most common form of Chinese Massage seen in the West.

It utilizes soft tissue manipulation, acupoints and structural realignment methods, and it closer to the Western concept of massage. I do not use oils and no nudity is required for this full body general massage.

Anmo Qigong (massage that cultivates Chi)

Tuina Anmo relies heavily on the physical manipulations to bring about change in the recipient and although Qi manipulation is an important aspect of “regular” Anmo and Tuina Anmo, the extra dimension of Qigong Anmo is the manipulation of Qi within the therapist to interact with the recipient. Qigong Anmo in its outward appearance is just the same as the hands-on massage but can be best described as massage with the added benefit of Qi transmission. This adds an extra dimension to the treatment.

Chi Nei Tsang is a method of visceral massage which deals with the stresses and strains that not only attack the locomotion system of the body but also impact on the internal organs and the emotional state of a person.

As an internal organ massage, Chi Nei Tsang is particularly adapted to help these conditions. I practice this form of massage for internal organ issues and to stabilize emotional imbalances.