In a nutshell…

No matter your age or physical health, you can do Qigong. (chee’ kung) These are self applied health/therapeutic exercises centered in the breathing with gentle movement and postures.
Qigong means “breathing exercise” or “exercise centered in the breath”. It supports “the relaxation response” of meditation, the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. Sometimes called “the healing response”.

People do Qigong to maintain health, heal their bodies, calm their minds and control thinking, and reconnect with their spirit. It works on that many levels of self. Reducing inflammation from arthritis, and therefore pain, to building strength, balance, coordination and speed, Qigong has something for every body. Here are the listed (researched) benefits and this is not all of them…

This is easy to learn, is not strenuous or depleting in any way, and will produce results of various degree almost instantly. If you are well, qigong will keep you that way. If you are ill, qigong will help you get well with only your breath and your mind. You will open as a flower eager for the morning dew.

This is an entry level class for about 90 minutes. Workshops are available for energy internal exercises, acupressure massage, couples massage, herbal medicines and how to make and use them, edible plant identification, food as medicine.  Please inquire.

I feel safe to promise potential students this:

*You will feel better the more you practice.
*You will feel your chi’ very soon after beginning. It is a real, tactile energy.
*You will learn vital guided meditations that heal and promote wellness. These are yours for life!

Harvard Based Research for the Aging

Free !
gifts accepted per class, not required.

MV Tai Chi & Qigong
SUMMER / FALL CLASS   Outside:  call first!

Class: bring water. 🙂

Dae Anderson B.S., LMT,
Qigong / T’ai Chi Meditation Instructor

Lic. TCM Massage Therapist
315 542 6261

Barefoot Wellness: Self Healing in the Taoist traditions of the ancients
Qigong is “Chi Cultivation” or Breath Cultivation. It is the unseen breath that is key to these arts actually working in our energy field of Self Love & Wisdom vibrations.

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